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While the primary goal of Grafting Systems™ is to provide tools and supplies, we recognize that there is a need for many other types of information. So, feel free to ask us to help you with other topics that you may need help with.

How to Guides and Information--- Whether you are an expert or a novice grafter, the need to learn never ends.

Rootstock Sources--- Starting with quality rootstock is important!

Scionwood Sources--- Finding quality scionwood can be a challenge!

Grafting Services--- Some parts of the US and Canada have expert professional grafters who will help with your projects. Find someone close by here, or register for a listing.

Nursery Links--- Sometimes, all your work is for naught, and you have to buy trees already finished!

If you are a provider of any of these services, please contact us about listing on the site and/or linking to your site.

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