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As time goes on, Grafting Systems™ will be adding more and more grafting supplies. At this time, our line is quite limited, but come back often and see what may be new.

Besides good technique, despite the ease of learning how to use Scionon™ tools, supplies are an important addition for success.

Waxes & Sealants--- Perhaps the most important thing beside good technique is the sealing of any kind of graft or bud. We will offer several popular brands of waxes and sealants.

Tapes--- We plan to offer several different types of tapes, in different widths, for wrapping grafts or buds. For bench and field grafting or top-working, tapes that naturally deteriorate over time are best. For budding, depending on your climatic conditions, some tapes that deteriorate over time will be good, but sometimes regular budding tapes that must eventually be nicked or removed will work better.

Knives--- For many field grafting purposes, Scionon™ safety knives will be the knife of choice, but we will also offer more economical knives for budding.

Labels--- Good record keeping during propagation is very important, especially proper labeling of scion/rootstock combinations. Our labels may be written on or laser printed. We recommend laser printing over using black markers, as the printed label will typically not fade away during the needed lifespan, while even the best black marker will eventually fade.

Books--- As time goes on, we likely will offer several books relating to grafting, budding and propagation.


BuddyTape-Page 1.pdfBuddy Tape- Use instructions- Page 1 of 4

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