Bud Clips



BUD CLIPS are soft aluminum clips that will ensure the straight initial growth of breaking buds on young trees in the nursery field, eliminating the crook that is common at the bottom of trees not properly straightened when growth starts. The soft aluminum clip is easily applied early in the spring around the dormant bud and will expand as the young bud grows and enlarges into a shoot. Bud clips will not girdle the tree. Bud clips are easily removed and can be reused season after season. Bud clips are especially useful where workers are not able to timely stake and straighten young shoots before the shoots "harden" and the crook cannot be easily straightened out. Bud clips will help ensure a cosmetically attractive bud union. 1000 Bud CLips per box.



$20.00 per 100
$115/K in 1000 lots
$105/K in 10,000 lots

Ask for special pricing for lots over 25,000.   Packed 1000 clips/box. 

Grafting Systems is the North American distributor for Bud Clips.


How to use buds clips.

Bud Clip Used

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