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Clark's Grafting Tool
is a heavy steel tool typically used in cleft grafting.  The broad, wide blade can be driven into the stub to split it.  The pointy end is then inserted into the cleft to keep it open while inserting the scions.    $39.99 each.



SCIONON Graft Crafter - Tape Applicator Unit SGC10-TAU12



Scionon® Tape Applicator Unit--- Scionon® is currently developing a tape applicator unit that will be suitable for BuddyTape, Bio-Graft tape, and other rolls in order to ease tape application to grafts.  This will be a both a stand alone unit as well as a modular unit that will connect with the Graft Crafters.  If you have interest in this unit, please let us know so that we can be sure to let you know when it is available for sale and use.    Image is a prototype only and actual unit may differ in appearance.    $150.00 per unit. 






 The "CINCH" is a multi-use drill attachment that can be used in many ways.  It's original intent was as an aid in the thinning of fruit blossoms during bloom-time in the orchard.  We have found that it is also useful as a leaf removal tool in the nursery in the fall to help defoliate leaves on young nursery trees.  The CINCH easily fits into the chuck of a cordless drill so that it can be taken into the field.  It can also be used with corded drills.  A little trial and experience will help with determining the proper length and number of tubes on the shaft for your particular use.  The tubes are easily replaced if damaged and are of a high quality automotive type tubing.  Replacement rolls of tubing are available.  When used on cordless drills, users should plan to have sufficient extra batteries as battery life can be short when used heavily.  Many users have found that buying extra batteries and connecting them to portable generators in the field make using the CINCH much easier.  The CINCH has proven itself to be a great labor-saver when blossom thinning stone fruits such as peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, and cherry where removing excess bloom as early as possible in the spring can result in larger fruit at harvest time.

                                       3 foot   CINCH tool--- $ 165.00           
                                       4 foot   CINCH tool--- $ 225.00
                                       5 foot   CINCH tool--- $ 325.00

Ask about discounts for multiple units.


Laser Labels---  Keeping careful track of your grafts and varieties in the nursery is extremely important.  Our Laser Labels are long lasting PVC labels which can be printed on almost all LASER printers.  NOTE:  These tags as not compatible with ink-jet printing.  8.5" x 11" sheets with 8 tages per sheet.  We offer a free downlaoadble EXCEL spreadsheet format to help make printing these labels a snap.  Also may be hand-written with recommended Sharpie permanent black ink pens.  $0..60 per sheet.




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